Remembering W.S. Merwin, Honorary Texan

The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, who died at 91 last week, liked pausing by roadsides everywhere in Texas to examine plants, pocket seeds and smell the air.

You might not have guessed it. W.S. Merwin, widely beloved, cosmopolitan, world-renowned poet, translator and lifelong pacifist, who died last week at 91 in his...Read More


Lost in Limbo in the Hays County Jail

For 45 painful, lonely days, I waited and waited to be convicted of a crime.

The cold bit through the thin wool blanket and climbed up the short sleeves of my Women of the World Poetry Slam T-shirt as I lay on the cement floor of the Hay...Read More


Parallel Planes

Parallel Planes (above photo of Texas A&M Agrilife Cotton Breeding Facility in Lubbock, taken by Eva Hershaw.) This poem appears in the June 2017 issue of t...Read More



Options Oh, we, millions possess them: options. The trash bin placed, then removed. The credit card paid, utility bills, too. The remote working quickly and wel...Read More