Leak to the Observer

The Texas Observer has been holding powerful interests accountable for more than six decades. We’ve reported on the broken guardianship system, the Texas comptroller meddling in endangered species research and disparities in the state environmental agency’s enforcement program, among others. None of those stories would’ve been possible without tips from folks in the know — an advocate, an anonymous state employee or a victim of the system.

If you know something that you think needs to be investigated and made public, contact us. We recognize that your efforts to bring wrongdoing to light may have personal and professional consequences. Here are three ways you can reach us while protecting your identity.  

Email us

Send us an email at [email protected]. If you want to protect your identity, consider setting up a new email address expressly for the purpose of contacting us. If you’re concerned about your employer finding out, make sure you use your personal computer and are not connected to your office internet. You can find email addresses for Observer staffers here.

Message us on Signal

Many of our reporters use Signal. It is free, encrypted end-to-end and is available for download for iPhone and Android users. The advantage with Signal is that your message is encrypted when it is sent from your cell phone to a reporter and if intercepted cannot be decoded. In some cases, just the fact that you’re contacting a reporter might get you in trouble. In such cases, we suggest that you use your personal phone for communications with us.

Here is our reporters’ contact information:

Michael Barajas: civil rights and criminal justice. Contact at 210-793-7438.

Gus Bova: immigration, border, labor, homelessness. Contact at 512-813-1287.

Chris Collins: rural issues. Contact at 940-631-1828.

Justin Miller: politics, the Legislature. Contact at 651-357-7749.

Sophie Novack: health care, reproductive justice, and sexual harassment. Contact at 917-355-9438.

Lise Olsen: civil rights, environment, corporate and public corruption. Contact at 281-210-8365.

Send us postal mail

A low-tech, but very secure way to send us documents is snail mail. Authorities aren’t allowed to open mail in transit without a warrant. Send us a letter or any records you have to the address below without a return address. You can address it to “Texas Observer” or a specific reporter.

Texas Observer
54 Chicon St.