Biden Plans to Ban All New Fracking Leases on Public Land. Will He Actually Do It?

The federal Bureau of Land Management has a habit of auctioning off parcels of its land to oil and gas developments. For years, Texas cities and environmentalists have sounded the alarm about the arrangements.

In 2017, the oil industry, aided by Donald Trump’s Interior Department, set its sights on a swath of plains northwest of Corpus Christi. The 1,600 acres, loca...Read More


What to do With a “Tidal Wave” of Texas Wind Turbine Blades

The wind energy industry is struggling to find sustainable solutions for fast-accumulating piles of dead wind turbine blades. So far, all the options come with an environmental price.

Towns the size of Sweetwater normally don’t need many graveyards. The rural community of about 11,000 people is located in the impossibly flat plains west of ...Read More