Eye on Texas: Light/Rain

Jay Lee

May Rains


The rains came early in the evening on May 26, and they came in a torrent. The house was filled with the sound of the TV weatherman describing the storm, interrupted frequently by our various phones and tablets blaring out weather advisories.

Lightning illuminated the house from every window. Every time we thought the rain must certainly begin to slack, it seemed to fall harder.

The sound of hail hitting the roof and the crash of a falling tree drew my attention to the front of the house and I opened the door to peer out into the maelstrom. Lightning was flashing dozens of times a minute, illuminating the street to reveal the rising water and the damage to my yard.

The lightning was so frequent that I had the idea it might act as an off-camera flash. That is when I decided to pick up my camera and capture this image.

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