Eye on Texas: ‘Normal Life’ in a Border Colonia

400,000 Texans live in 'colonias,' unincorporated border communities that often lack basic services.

Border Colonia, boy, pig
Victor Guzman, 6, feeds his pet pig at home in Pueblo Nuevo, a small colonia 15 miles east of Laredo. He and his mother, Iris, are among about 400,000 Texans who live in colonias — unincorporated border communities that often lack basic services such as water, electricity and sewage. In 2002, Iris made the journey to the United States by cargo train after fleeing gang violence in Honduras. “It got to the point where I couldn’t walk to buy food without the fear of losing my life,” she says. “I made it here because I wanted my son to get an education and have the opportunity of a normal life.”  Michael Cirlos

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Published at 12:56 pm CST