The Texas Miracle #25: The Patron Saint of Corpus Christi

This week on the Texas Miracle, the Texas Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: Road trip! Staffer Patrick Michels and host Andrea Grimes head to Corpus Christi — not to spend a day at the beach (the surf is full of bacteria, we’re sad to report) but a day standing in line with literal thousands of Selena fans who lined up to witness the world debut of the Tejana superstar’s branded makeup line.

We also stopped by the flagship location of Texas’ favorite fast food chain, so that Andrea could take her first-ever (yes, first ever) what-a-bite of a Whataburger.

And as always, we’ll take the podcast out to the Texas Tiki Shed to get caught up on the latest and greatest-slash-worst Texas news with Austin journalist and food writer Paula Forbes, Observer contributor John Wright and staffer Naveena Sadasivam to talk about the creepy clown craze sweeping the nation, Baylor University’s latest Title IX failure and a Houston Democrat’s plan to put Texas ninth graders through police interaction training.

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