Jason Buch


Jason Buch is an independent journalist based in Texas. A native of Austin, Buch spent 10 years covering immigration and the Texas-Mexico border for Texas newspapers.

Articles by Jason Buch

Mexico’s Repo Man

After billions went missing, the Mexican state of Veracruz turned to a prominent trial lawyer to recover money that was allegedly laundered in the Houston suburbs. But the unusual quest appears to be foundering.

by Jason Buch and Lise Olsen

Follow the Money: Part III

Texas money laundering investigations provided federal regulators with a roadmap for overseeing the real estate industry. They didn’t follow it.

by Jason Buch

Follow the Money

Over the span of four years, federal investigators estimated millions of dollars stolen from Mexican taxpayers passed through one South Texas bank. When they followed the trail, it led to real estate, cars, and airplanes. But in 2018, those investigations suddenly stopped.

by Jason Buch

Siguiendo La Ruta Del Dinero

Durante cuatro años, los investigadores federales estimaron que millones de dólares robados a los contribuyentes mexicanos pasaron por un banco del sur de Texas. Cuando siguieron el rastro, condujeron a bienes raíces, automóviles y aviones. Pero en 2018, esas investigaciones se detuvieron repentinamente.

by Jason Buch