Patrick Michels

Patrick Michels
Patrick Michels is a reporter for the Texas Observer and a former legislative intern. He has been a staff writer and web editor at the Dallas Observer, and a former editor of the Texas Independent. He has a bachelor's in journalism from Northwestern University, a master's in photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a competitive eating enthusiast. You can contact him at [email protected]
  • Saddled with hundreds of thousands in debt, Jeffrey Holliman escaped into the wild in rural Nacogdoches County, living out a childhood dream.

    How the Law Finally Caught Up with East Texas ‘Survivalist’ Jeff Holliman

    Last year, an East Texas town learned that the culprit terrorizing them was actually one of their own, who was now living in the woods as a survivalist. Constable David Stone recounts the bizarre night of his capture at his remote campsite in the dense woods of Nacogdoches County. Full Story

  • David Arriaga - Stephen F. Austin

    Dragging the State Board into the Present

    Stepping up where the State Board of Education failed, some teachers across Texas are building lessons plans with a uniquely Mexican-American focus. The courses have been steadily gaining popularity in school districts across Texas, prompting a move that could finally force the state to throw its support behind the class. Full Story

  • walmart

    Strangest State: On the Lookout for Black Helicopters and Falling Prices

    In this month’s Strangest State: Wal-Mart closures prompt conspiracy theories, a lawman turns to Facebook to catch drug dealers, and a murder defendant questions himself—on the witness stand. Full Story

  • Christopher Duntsch

    ‘Sociopath’ Surgeon Duntsch Arrested for Shoplifting Pants

    Christopher Duntsch may be simultaneously the most famous and deadly neurosurgeon in Texas. Though he has maimed and killed patients, he wasn’t arrested until last month, when he was caught stealing a pair of pants from Wal-Mart. Full Story

  • Harris County Juvenile Justice Center

    Too Young to Jail

    Texas has come a long way in juvenile justice reform. But this year, the question of whether to raise the age of "criminal responsibility" has split some lawmakers in the Senate. Full Story