The Texas Miracle #7: The Sound of Secession

We’re bringing y’all an extra-miraculous Texas Miracle podcast this week, recorded live at the 2016 Republican Party of Texas convention. The podcast is always, as we say, a weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but probably wish you didn’t, about Texas, and we’re cranking that idea up to eleven for episode seven.

Speculation about Texas secession was a hot topic at an otherwise tame convention, where the name “Trump” was rarely uttered. We’ll take listeners to the convention floor for part of the Texas independence debate, and we’ll hear from the Observer‘s convention coverage team, along with the Houston Chronicle‘s Bobby Cervantes, about what #RPT16 looked like from the eyes of a journalist (and one very game theologian).

We’ll also hear from Observer staffer and Strangest Stater Patrick Michels, who’ll bring us the weirdest Texas news from outside the halls of the Kay Bailey Hutchison convention center, including word on the fate of the world’s oldest cat. (Rest in peace, Scooter.)

And in this week’s Ask A Texan segment, we wander the convention floor to hear from Trump supporters treading water amid a sea of Cruz supporters. Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump? Tune in to find out.

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