Gus Bova

Gus Bova is a reporter-researcher at the Observer. He focuses on immigration, the U.S.-Mexico border and grassroots movements. Before the Observer, he worked at a shelter for asylum-seekers and refugees. You can contact him at [email protected]

By Gus Bova:

Briscoe Cain

Small Government Crusader Wants $35 Million to Fix a Battleship in His District

Representative Briscoe Cain wants to slash taxes and government spending on social services, but he’d like $35 million for a home district problem.

During the regular session, Representative Briscoe Cain, R-Deer Park, voted against funding for Texas’ struggling public schools. He also helped tank a measure aimed at ending “lunch shaming” of school children, tried to defund a center dedicated to racial health … Read More


Five New Laws that Will Likely Get Texas Sued (Or Already Have)

The Texas Legislature passed at least 5 arguably unconstitutional bills this year, and the special session hasn’t even started.

Infighting, red-meat politics and parliamentary revenge characterized this year’s Texas Legislature. Amid the fray, legislators failed to reauthorize basic state agencies such as the Texas Medical Board, which is why Texans now face the gloomy fate of another 30-day session … Read More


Lo que Necesitas Saber sobre la Batalla Legal de SB 4

La primera gran audiencia para la prohibición de las “ciudades santuario” se llevará a cabo el próximo lunes en San Antonio.

Read in English here. La noche que el Gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott, firmó el Proyecto del Senado 4 (SB 4) como una ley, Luis Roberto Vera no pudo dormir. En vez, el abogado de derechos civiles de 61 años, … Read More


Counter-Protest Derails ‘March Against Sharia’ in Austin

A protest organized by an anti-Islam group fizzled at the Texas Capitol.

Around 50 protesters showed up Saturday at the Texas Capitol as part of a nationwide “March against Sharia” organized by ACT for America — an Islamophobic hate group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. About 300 counter-protesters, many of … Read More


Attorneys Who Halted Trump’s Travel Ban Will Take on Senate Bill 4

The ACLU is sending in the lawyers who stopped Trump’s executive order to argue the constitutionality of Texas’ “sanctuary cities” ban.

On a cold January evening, Lee Gelernt emerged to a cheering crowd outside a Brooklyn courthouse after winning the first legal challenge against Trump’s travel ban. Now, the New York City-based civil rights attorney finds himself deployed to Texas. To … Read More

Criminal Justice

Attorney: Matt Rinaldi’s Call to ICE Will Likely Be Used Against SB 4 in Lawsuit

The Republican lawmaker’s call to ICE will “almost assuredly” be used to show ‘discriminatory intent,’ an attorney said.

A Texas lawmaker’s decision to report protesters to immigration police Monday could come back to haunt the state when it defends the law in court, an attorney involved in the case said Thursday. On Monday, Representative Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving, called … Read More