Gus Bova

Gus Bova is a reporter-researcher at the Observer. He focuses on immigration, the U.S.-Mexico border and grassroots movements. Before the Observer, he worked at a shelter for asylum-seekers and refugees. You can contact him at [email protected]

By Gus Bova:

Attorney General Greg Abbott
Criminal Justice

Two Blatant Lies from Governor Greg Abbott’s ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Op-Ed

The governor published a counterfactual editorial Friday about the anti-“sanctuary cities” bill.

Governor Greg Abbott published an editorial in the San Antonio Express-News Friday defending Senate Bill 4 — the anti-“sanctuary cities” law that critics say will encourage racial profiling, undermine local policing efforts and tear immigrant families apart. In the piece, … Read More


Texas’ ‘Lunch Shaming’ Problem and the Fight to Fix It

“I personally believe that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who harm our children,” said Representative Helen Giddings.

On a Wednesday morning in February 2016, Kelvin Holt, an Army veteran and then-substitute teacher, led a group of about 20 pre-kindergarten students into a Central Texas school cafeteria. As kids shuffled through the line, Holt noticed a 4-year-old Latina … Read More

Senate Bill 4, Capitol

Activists: Greg Abbott’s SB 4 Pitch to Univision Viewers is ‘Nothing But Lies’

“I don’t know why he is telling people something so blatantly untrue,” Austin City Council member Greg Casar said.

On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott assured Univision viewers via Facebook Live that only “serious” criminals need to worry about Senate Bill 4 — the anti-“sanctuary cities” legislation that critics say will tear immigrant families apart. A few hours later, dozens … Read More


Texas Senate Votes to License ‘Baby Jails’ as Child Care Facilities

SB 1018 would effectively lower state standards in order to license the facilities. The legislation was written by a for-profit private prison corporation.

The Texas Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would license immigrant family detention centers, which critics call “baby jails,” as child care facilities. Democrats railed against Senate Bill 1018, which would allow prison firms to skip all the burdensome regulations … Read More