David R. Brockman

David R. Brockman, Ph.D., a religious studies scholar and Christian theologian, is a nonresident scholar in the Religion and Public Policy Program at Rice University's Baker Institute. He also teaches at Brite Divinity School, Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University. He is the author of Dialectical Democracy through Christian Thought: Individualism, Relationalism, and American Politics.

By David R. Brockman:


Southern Baptists Grapple with Their Own ‘Horrifying #MeToo Moment’

As the Southern Baptist Convention met in Dallas, stories of sexual abuse raised questions concerning the denomination’s teachings about women.

The signs said “Jesus Never Shamed Women” and “Misogyny is Bad Theology.” Under an oppressive noonday sun, 40 to 50 people, mostly Baptist women, gathered last week for a protest outside the Dallas Convention Center, where the Southern Baptist Convention … Read More


Why Some Baptists Weren’t Happy with Mike Pence’s Stump Speech at Texas Gathering

Mike Pence’s visit to the national meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas highlights an identity crisis among members.

How do you turn a denominational meeting into a political campaign rally? Give Mike Pence the microphone. The vice president spoke Wednesday at the annual national gathering of the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas. Though he began by speaking of … Read More

salman bjohani

When Islamophobia Backfires

While Muslim-bashing is relatively common in Texas and other red states, two recent incidents from North Texas show that it’s not always political gold.

In Texas, Islamophobia has been a ticket to political success for some. Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne was appointed to a position in the Trump administration after gaining national notoriety by fueling fears of creeping Sharia law in her Dallas … Read More

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The Little-Known Theology Behind White Evangelical Support of Donald Trump

Christian virtues like love, mercy and forgiveness apply to individuals, not government, according to Two Kingdoms theology deployed by evangelicals like Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress.

As news of Donald Trump’s alleged affair with a porn star heated up the airwaves this month, Robert Jeffress, a Dallas megachurch pastor and Trump religious adviser, assured Fox News viewers that the affair is “totally irrelevant” to his fellow … Read More


God and Guns: Courting the Christian Fringe in the Texas GOP Primaries

As Texans become less conservative and more religiously diverse, chasing far-right Christian voters may become a liability for Republicans.

White conservative Christians have long been key to Republican dominance in Texas politics. They’re especially critical in GOP primaries, where low turnout means races can be decided by a statistical handful of hardcore voters. To get out the religious right, … Read More

David Arriaga checks on students in his Mexican-American studies class at Houston’s Stephen F. Austin High School in April.

Another Strikeout for Mexican-American Studies in Texas

After another proposed textbook bites the dust, some are questioning the State Board of Education’s commitment to Mexican-American Studies.

The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) is no stranger to controversy. Its usual scandals involve questionable things the board or its members have done: placing Christian nationalists on an expert panel, warning of a “pro-Islam” bias in textbooks, calling … Read More


Something Yuuuge was Missing From Franklin Graham’s Waco Revival

At a Waco rally, evangelist Franklin Graham signaled rock-solid support for the GOP agenda. But support for President Trump? Maybe not so much.

In mid-October, evangelist Franklin Graham and his “Decision Texas” entourage stopped off at Baylor University in Waco, mainly to bring souls to Jesus but also to talk a little politics. In a half-hour sermon culminating in an altar call for … Read More

Sen. Dan Patrick

Special Session a ‘Battle Royal’ for Dominionists Who Seek Christian Rule

Thanks to Dan Patrick, those seeking conservative Christian dominion over government keep a seat at the table in this summer’s special session.

Nicknames for this summer’s special session have proliferated faster than hashtags and lapel pins. It’s been called “30 days of horror,” the “special discrimination session,” the “Session of Oppression” and a “war on local control.” But as I’ve watched as … Read More

Signs at the Texas Freedom Network's Stand Up for Science rally

Critics Fear New Texas Law Giving SBOE Wide Discretion Over Textbooks

Texas lawmakers just gave the State Board of Education more power over textbook content. What could possibly go wrong?

In past legislative sessions, a bill this momentous would have been major news. But in the “worst Legislature ever,” it received almost no press coverage at all — elbowed out by bathrooms, vouchers, “show me your papers” legislation, religious freedom … Read More