LGBT Pride in Washington DC

Robert Leleux

Hello Friends,

It’s Pride Week, and all over the nation, LGBT folks are getting all gussied up to head out and march for their dignity and political rights this Sunday.  And while I’m often extremely skeptical of President Obama’s commitment to LGBT rights, I have to admit I was extremely moved by his speech marking Pride Week.  And I was even more moved, as usual, by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on the same subject.  But here are both of the speeches–both, of course, are spectacularly inadequate.  But both are, also, REMARKABLE, considering how unthinkable either would have been during the previous administration.  Or, let’s face it, under any previous administration–Democratic or Republican.

So, here they are.

Here’s Hillary’s.  I put her first, because I think she’s more sincere, and if she’d been elected president, Rick Warren would never have delivered her Inaugural Prayer, and sometimes I hold grudges longer than I should.

And here’s President Obama’s, who did very well considering how little time and effort he’s devoted to the subject in the past.  (And yes, I realize he’s got bigger fish to fry–like two wars and the economy and the gulf coast disaster and unemployment and such.  But, Rick Warren?  Really?)

Love Y’all,


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Contributing writer Robert Leleux is the author of two books, The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy and The Living End: A Memoir of Forgetting and Forgiving.