Robert Leleux

Robert Leleux
Contributing writer Robert Leleux is the author of two books, The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy and The Living End: A Memoir of Forgetting and Forgiving.

By Robert Leleux:


Remembering Nadine Eckhardt (1931-2018)

by | Tue, Dec 11, 2018 at 6:00 am CST

Lady Bird in her Own Words

Michael L. Gillette’s Lady Bird Johnson: An Oral History chronicles Mrs. Johnson’s journey from deep East Texas to the White house and beyond. Read More


Skeletons in a Small Town’s Closet

Janis Owens’ powerful new novel American Ghost recalls Lillian Smith’s Strange Fruit, the 1944 classic remembered, in part, for its brave portrayal of lynching. Owens’ book also tackles that barbaric custom, a form of domestic terrorism so entrenched in our … Read More


Faith in a Dead-End Town

Michael Morris’ sweet, sad-eyed new novel, Man in the Blue Moon, recalls great Southern literature: beloved works such as Olive Ann Burns’ Cold Sassy Tree and Fannie Flagg’s Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man. Set in a Spanish moss-draped, dead-end … Read More


The Other Side of the American Dream

Many of us find it difficult to practice diplomacy with our relatives. But when typical family squabbles are complicated by national borders—as they are in Reyna Grande’s excellent new memoir, The Distance Between Us—the stakes are raised far higher than … Read More