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LIF is an indispensable talk-radio resource in Dallas. Every day it makes the world a little smarter and much nicer by filling up its listeners’ ears and minds with the wise words of commentators like Bill O’Reilly and “Dr. Laura” Schlesinger, not to mention live reports from the Minuteman Project on the Mexico-Arizona border, featuring updates from KLIF listener “Cindy” of Denton, Texas. The station also runs long advertorials on some of its other programs about a wide range of interesting topics. I recently heard one long segment about double-acting bowel cleaning agents and another about brain-boosting dietary supplements; both were guaranteed to “absolutely work.” Good stuff. As part of their public service advertising efforts, the head honchos at KLIF are currently pushing their terrorism-awareness campaign. Their insight and wisdom is easy to spot on the more than 20 billboards which they have strewn around Dallas, a sample of which appear on this page. Way to go guys! This is just the kind of thought-provoking analysis—not to mention the outstanding contribution to the general culture—that Americans need to make sense of the ongoing crisis, by jingo. Photographer Steve Satterwhite lives in Duncanville.

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