Roberto Ontiveros

Roberto Ontiveros is an artist, critic and fiction writer; his work has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Threepenny Review, the Dallas Morning News, and others.

By Roberto Ontiveros:


Coming of Age in Brownsville

by | Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 12:13 pm CST

A Boy King’s Literary Coronation

The book is a hilarious yet hellish account of wasted days and wasted nights in Brownsville, which Martinez depicts as a dirt-poor land of extreme machismo, where growing up means having to contend with a drug-smuggling father and the hijinks of two sisters who bleach their brown hair blond and call themselves “Mimi” in a fruitless effort to pass as Caucasian. Read More


For Bolaño, No Divine Miracles

Amulet Since his death in 2003 at age 50, Chilean-born writer Roberto Bolaño seems to have skipped over the typical stages of an emerging literary cult figure and moved quickly toward canonization. A novel, a collection of short stories, and … Read More