The Texas Miracle #26: Clowns on Kush


This week on the Texas Miracle, the Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: Clowns, more clowns, and Capitol crime! And also dancing. By popular demand, our Dancing with the Stars correspondent Becky Grimes (host Andrea Grimes knows her as “mom”) is back on the show to break some tough news: We’re now down to just two Texans left on America’s favorite reality footwork show.

As always, we’ll go out to the Texas Tiki Shed to get caught up on the latest and greatest-slash-worst Texas news with Texas Monthly’s Dan Solomon and Houston Chronicle reporters Andrea Zelinski and Bobby Cervantes to catch up on the latest Ken Paxton securities fraud foibles, the San Antonio cops caught in Donald Trump gear and the Capitol-scaling criminal who vandalized a gubernatorial portrait to the tune of $10,000 in damage.

Oh, and we mentioned clowns, right? Observer staffer Patrick Michels returns for a very clowny Strangest State segment featuring the wildest and weirdest news from far-flung Texas. (Clown-phobic listeners are encouraged to skip the first ten minutes or so of this week’s episode. We’re very sorry. The clowns are not.)