The Texas Miracle #22: Dancing with the Snark

This week on the Texas Miracle podcast, the Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star State: We talk to Dallas performer Nicole Stewart, the co-founder of the live storytelling show Oral Fixation. Stewart was in the process of terminating a much-wanted pregnancy at 22 weeks on the day that Wendy Davis stood for her 13-hour filibuster against unconstitutional abortion regulations. Now, Nicole and her husband are sharing their experience through their true-life live storytelling series that’s sweeping abortion stigma out from under the rug with honesty, compassion and even humor.

Plus: former governor Rick Perry has made his reality television debut, and we’ll talk to the world’s foremost Dancing with the Stars expert about Perry’s moves.

And as always, we’ll go out to the Texas Tiki Shed to get caught up on the latest and greatest-slash-worst Texas news, which this week includes walking Texas stereotype Sid Miller’s New York Times debut, a troubling Houston Chronicle investigation into Texas public schools and the Texas climate change “skeptic” who heads up the House Science Committee.

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