Wendy Davis, Kirk Watson and other Senate Democrats signal a "no" vote during the SB 5 debate.

The Texas Miracle #10: The Day That Shook the Capitol (Literally)

Take a walk down memory lane (in pink sneakers) and remember Wendy Davis' epic filibuster with the former senator herself — and a cast of tearful Texans.


The Texas Miracle podcast logo - filibusterversary wendy davis HB 2 filibusterThis week on the Texas Miracle, the Texas Observer’s weekly compendium of everything you need to know, but maybe wish you didn’t, about the Lone Star state: We’re celebrating the three year anniversary — the filibusterversary — of Texas state Senator Wendy Davis’ 13-hour stand against medically unnecessary abortion regulations.

Davis herself will join host Andrea Grimes and Observer staffer Alexa Garcia-Ditta to talk about how that day came together, and what it was like from her perspective, hearing the literal rumblings within and without the Texas Capitol building, fighting hostile Republicans who tried — unsuccessfully — to shut her down.

We’ll also get intellectual with Austin dramaturge Carrie Kaplan, who’ll unpack the theatrical rhetoric around protest and politics, and hear listeners’ stories as they retell where they were on that historic day, and what it meant to them. And because we’ll never leave y’all uninformed, we’ll also head out to the Texas tiki shed with Houston Chronicle reporter Bobby Cervantes, Bedpost Confessions co-founder Julie Gillis and Observer editorial fellow Hannah McBride to wonder: is Donald Trump in it to win it?

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[Featured image by Patrick Michels]