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 The Texas Observer and the Texas Democracy Foundation

announce a call for submissions for

The MOLLY National Journalism Prize of 2011

A national award honoring the indelible memory of our Molly Ivins.

The MOLLY will be awarded for an article or series of up to four short, related articles or columns appearing in a U.S.-based publication in print or as part of an online magazine, telling the stories that need telling, challenging conventional wisdom, focusing on civil liberties and/or social justice, and embodying the intelligence, deep thinking and/or passionate wit that marked Molly’s work.molly

The fourth annual MOLLY will be awarded for work published in 2010. Although Molly can be never be replicated, we look for others following in her tradition.

Gail Collins, veteran journalist, author, and op-ed columnist for The New York Times (and, from 2001 to 2007, the first female editorial page editor of the Times), will be the keynote speaker at the awards dinner.  Previous keynote speakers have been Dan Rather, Ellen Goodman and Seymour Hersh.

The prize will be awarded on Thursday, June 9, 2011, at a dinner in Austin, Texas.

First prize is a $5,000 cash award, plus The MOLLY Prize. Two $1,000 honorable mention prizes will also be awarded. A group of nationally prominent journalists will serve as final judges.

Complete guidelines for submitting an entry appear below. For information on attending the awards dinner, or to contribute to The MOLLY Prize fund, please contact mollyaward at texasobserver.org or call 512-477-0746.



· The MOLLY is an annual national print or online journalism award of $5,000 with two honorable mentions of $1,000, each to be presented by the Texas Democracy Foundation and The Texas Observer in memory and in honor of Molly Ivins. The first MOLLY was presented to Molly at a fundraiser in her honor in October 2006.

· All entries will be judged on the basis of either a single piece or a series of up to four related articles or columns. Judges will value work that reflects Molly’s ability to look critically at the issues of the day with compassion and/or humor, tells the stories that need telling, challenges conventional wisdom, and focuses upon civil liberties or social justice.



· Submissions must consist of material originally published in a U.S.-based publication in print or as part of an online magazine (Note: This does not include unedited blogs) between January 1, 2010, and December 31, 2010. One entry per individual will be accepted. Individual writers may enter on their own or be entered by the publication in which the work appeared. Multiple by-lines for a single entry are acceptable.
NOTE: Work that has appeared in The Texas Observer is ineligible in order to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

· Both electronic and hard copies of stories are required (unless the method of publication makes one or the other version impossible, in which case that should be clearly stated in the submission).  A cover sheet for each entry must give the following information: author’s name, mailing address, telephone number(s), e-mail address, and a brief biography; publication name, editorial contact person, mailing address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address; and publication date.

· If submitting photocopies of published work, 8 1/2 ” x 11″ pages are preferred. If that requires great reduction of the print (as for a broadsheet), please provide a readable version of the story on 8 1/2 ” x 11″ pages with an additional photocopy of the story laid out in the publication. Award finalists may be required to submit tear sheets of the original work.

· One hard copy of each entry should be mailed to: The Texas Observer, attn: Lorraine Blancarte, 307 W. 7th St, Austin, TX 78701.

· One electronic copy of each entry should be e-mailed to Lorraine Blancarte: blancarte at texasobserver.org.

· All entries must be postmarked or emailed no later than March 15, 2011.

· Entry fee is $25. Send payment with your entry or call Lorraine Blancarte at 512-477-0746 to pay by phone.



Initial screening for the entries will be conducted by journalists from the Board of Advisors, which governs the conducting of the award. Finalists and winners will be determined by an annually selected Executive Committee of the Board of Advisors.



An awards dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas, will be held on Thursday, June 9, 2011, with tickets available to the public at $150 each. Sponsor tables seating 10 will be available for $10,000, $5,000 and $2,500. The keynote speaker is Gail Collins, op-ed columnist for, and former editorial page editor of, The New York Times.



Funding of the prizes, expenses of the awards dinner, and travel and lodging for winning journalists and guest speakers will be underwritten through a fund established by friends of Molly Ivins. Contributions are welcome.



Hugh Aynesworth, Maurine H. Beasley, Tom Bettag, Mike Blackman, Nate Blakeslee, Frederick Blevens, Roy Blount, Jr., Robert Bryce, Ken Bunting, Wanda Cash, Carlton Carl, Mike Cochran, Gail Collins, Patrick Cox, Greg Curtis, Lou Dubose, Ronnie Dugger, Doug Foster, Ellen Goodman, Wade Goodwyn, Jim Henderson, Steven Isenberg, Melissa Jones, Lewis Lapham, Myra MacPherson, David McHam, Dave McNeely, Judith Davidson Moyers, Victor Navasky, Kaye Northcott, Larry Norwood, Karen Olsson, John Pope, Dan Rather, Geoff Rips, Matt Rothschild, Ben Sargent, Connie Schultz, Robert Siegel, Erna Smith, Paul Stekler, Carlton Stowers, Diane Suchetka, Mimi Swartz, Saralee Tiede, Calvin Trillin, and Jim Willse.



Jane Barrett, Frances Barton, Becky Beaver, Carlton Carl, Jan Demetri, Karen Farabee, Mary Margaret Farabee, Carol Flake, Clare Hudspeth, Mary Barminski Johnson, Melissa Jones, Mary Jo Kennard, Joan Lava, Susan Longley, Charlotte McCann, Sandie McClellan, Barbara Morgan, Susan Morris, Nona Niland, Janis Pinnelli, Suzy Reid, Margie Rine, Geoff Rips, Nancy Scanlan, Sunny Smith, Sara Speights, Ellen Sweets, Margot Thomas, Kelly White & Caryl Yontz