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Crazy Hearts

by | Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 3:18 pm CST
Texas Politics

Run, Rick, Run

It was the strangest thing. Mortifying but illuminating. Like Paul on the road to Damascus, or Donald Trump suddenly realizing he’d been out-Americaned by Barack Obama. The truth struck me like lightning during the turbulent middle week of May. The … Read More

Criminal Justice

Stumpers of the Week: Perry’s Ouija, Sharp’s Waterloo

This week's nuttiest things said in Texas politics

Every Friday from here till the end of this year’s campaign stumping season, we’re honoring the most outlandish, befuddling, illogical or downright clueless statements of the week in Texas politics. With just six weeks left before Election Day, the competition … Read More

Texas Politics

The Ultimate Losers

When I show up one minute late for my interview with Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Democratic candidate for attorney general is already in full battle cry. She is enthusiastically explaining to the Observer’s managing editor—in the sharp, emphatic tones of … Read More


Joe Barton’s Hidden Benefits

Is there some secret liberal benefactor out there paying handsome bonuses to Texas Republicans who make headline-grabbing jackasses of themselves—and us?  Even if you’re not prone to conspiratorial thinking, you have to wonder. There’s got to be some explanation for … Read More


Carrillo’s Ghost

At their convention in Dallas, Texas Republicans are haunted by race.

“Hey press, are you getting this? This is some good shit!” The shout came from a burly, tie-wearing Republican delegate at the state convention in Dallas. He was standing in line, late on the convention’s final day, to comment on … Read More

Purple Texas

So Long, Democracy, It’s Been Good to Know You

Thursday was not merely a 9/11 for American democracy — it was worse. The Supreme Court’s appalling and unconscionable 5-4 ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission means, essentially, one thing: Corporations will not just dominate, but rule, American … Read More

Texas Politics

Nullifying Health Care and Free Speech

Several hundred of Texas’ anti-government “patriots” —including birthers, deathers, Tenthers, libertarians, tea-partiers and backers of GOP gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina—gathered at the state Capitol on Saturday afternoon to call on the state to nullify (i.e., reject as a matter of … Read More

Purple Texas

Hank Gilbert, Liberal Fantasy?

Liberals in Republican-strewn states like Texas have long fantasized about a straight-shooting, cud-chewing, good ol’ gal or boy preaching the liberal gospel with a twang, capturing the public imagination, and coming out of nowhere to win a major statewide office. … Read More