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Texas’ War on Local Control is Part of National Trend

Nearly 150 progressive officials gathered in Austin last weekend to build the fight against GOP-controlled state legislatures.

Nearly 150 progressive officials from all over the country gathered in Austin to build the fight against GOP-controlled state legislatures....Read More


Thank You, Matt Rinaldi

Republicans who are repelled by people like Rinaldi have a problem: They depend on the votes of the people who cheer him on.

We spend a lot of time looking for what’s human and what’s kind in our politics, but it’s usually more important when someone shows us the opposite. T...Read More


Greg Abbott’s Latino Problem

The governor is looking strong in his re-election bid but his support for Senate Bill 4 may be doing serious damage to the Texas GOP.

Greg Abbott announced his re-election campaign in San Antonio on Friday. Despite my eternal mystification as to why Abbott wants to be governor (he seems to be ...Read More