Save Bersin!



You know you are under a new administration when the Department of Homeland Security creates its own blog and calls it  “Our Border: A Southwest Border Civic Network.” Civic and “border” were never used in the same sentence under George W’s reign. DHS’ new blog has a forum. Apparently, if you comment on their “Introduce Yourself” forum, and if they are suitably impressed you’ll receive a phone call from DHS Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs Alan Bersin. Oooh!! So far, they’ve received a whopping four comments. Two of them sound like border-militia types. Why is it that the anti-immigration and English only types can’t spell “immigration.” One guy even wrote “boarder” instead of “border.” Apparently, they are trying to save the English language by strangling it one word at a time.Maybe I should write in so that I might get a chance to speak with Bersin. I might be doing him a favor and then he can pay me back by dismantling the border wall.