Joe Lansdale and Films in Austin this Wednesday, June 16

Michael May

Mystery author, humorist, screenwriter and Observer contributor Joe Lansdale will be in Austin this week for a screening of the classic, cult film he wrote, “Bubba Ho-Tep,” which stars Ossie Davis and features Elvis Presley and JFK fighting mummies in a nursing home (another reason to love Lansdale). Also screening will be lesser-known Lansdale treats, the “Incident On and Off a Mountain Road” from the Master of Horror series, and a selection of animated Batman and Spiderman shows.

The screening is part of the monthly Feral Cinema events at the United States Art Authority, 2609 Fruth, Austin. Doors 6pm, first film 7pm. Admission $5 on the door or free with purchase of a copy of The Complete Drive-In: Three Novels of Aliens, Anarchy, and the Popcorn King (available at the door.)

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Michael May is a former Observer managing editor. He’s now a freelance journalist based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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