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Day 135 of the 82nd Texas Legislature

“It’s been on life support for a while now. We pulled the plug on it. It’s dead.”
Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen, on the sanctuary city bill Democrats successfully blocked.

School bullying and cyberbullying have been hot topics during this legislative session. In his latest column, Robert Leleux shares his own painful experiences with school bullies to illustrate just how bullying can equate to torture for a child and why it is so important that Texas does something to stop it. 

Among the bills canned during yesterday’s legislative marathon, was a bill designed to combat groping at security checkpoints. The bill failed to pass the upper chamber, stirring up some accusations and emotions. As Houston Chronicle‘s Joe Holley reports, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst convinced Senate members to withdraw their support of the bill after receiving a letter from U.S. Transportation Security Administration warning of possible legal implications, leaving bill sponsor Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, furious.

Today is the final day for the Senate to pass House bills, so expect rush in the upper chamber. Meanwhile, everyone is still waiting for a school finance compromise. Negotiators met much of yesterday without reaching a deal and today they’ll be down to the wire. A special summer session hangs in the balance.


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