Hot List Day 95

Day 95 of the 82nd Texas Legislature

“I don’t think Texas is looking for cute ways to address the reality of tough times.”
Gov. Rick Perry on eliminating high cost natural gas tax exemptions.

Turns out not every program is on the chopping block. The Senate Education Committee has sent a bill to the floor that would let more schools participate in a federal program that provides poor children free, healthy meals during the summer months. 

A special delegation of California law makers met with Gov. Rick Perry yesterday over how to improve the business climate in the Sunshine state. While Perry touted low business taxes as key to economic success, protestors gathered outside the downtown hotel to bemoan deep budget cuts to public education and human services.  

The House is set today to hear three sunset bills—the bills that take a look at an agency’s overall purpose and efficiency. Among the agencies up for discussion is the Department of Information Resources, and debate may well turn to the recent information breach at the state comptroller’s office that exposed millions of Texans’ personal data for over a year

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