Public Health Reporting Position

The Texas Observer is seeking a talented public health reporter with a special focus on women’s health and reproductive rights to join our rapidly expanding publication. The Observer, based in Austin, is a nonprofit known for its award-winning, fearless investigative reporting and narrative writing about all things Texan.

The Observer is looking for a public health reporter who can balance in-depth narrative writing with daily beat reporting on important public health issues, including coverage of the upcoming Texas Legislature. Just a few topics on the reporter’s radar will include reproductive health, minority communities and access to reproductive healthcare, the impact of politics on sex education in public schools and youth access to sexual health education and care, and Medicaid expansion.

Candidates should have at least two years of reporting and writing experience and be familiar with Texas politics and public health issues. The ideal candidate will give us real life stories about people impacted by public policies, not just a run-down of statistics or a policy brief. The candidate is expected to cover stories ranging across Texas for the monthly print magazine and weekly for the website. A candidate fluent in Spanish is preferred. This a full-time position.

The Texas Observer offers competitive pay and benefits. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and five strong clips to Publisher Emily Williams at [email protected]

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