Eye on Texas: Unyielding Texas

The Guns Across America pro-gun rally at the Texas State Capitol.
The Guns Across America pro-gun rally at the Texas State Capitol.  Guillermo Hernandez Martinez

Devine resident Austin Ehlinger and his family took part in a January 2013 Guns Across America rally in Austin. The words underneath the assault rifle on Ehlinger’s banner — “Come and Take It” — were used during the Texas and American revolutions and immortalized on the iconic flag flown in the Battle of Gonzales in 1835. [See more photos from Eye on Texas here. To submit Texas-based documentary photography, please send inquiries to [email protected]]

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Guillermo Hernandez Martinez is a Mexican-born photojournalist based in Springfield, Missouri. While currently working as a newspaper photographer, he is most at home documenting the culture around football and other sports. He spends his time off with his wife Danielle Begnaud and their dog Harper.

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