A cartoon of Texas with the words "Loon Star State" inside its outline. The "L" in "Loon" is wearing a hat that's part cowboy and part dunce cap.

Loon Star State: Republican Education

The little Christofascists grow up so fast.


Ben Sargent, a bald, older white man with a bushy white beard is dressed in a suit and red bowtie, with his artistic tools, including pens, in front of him.

A version of this story ran in the March / April 2023 issue.

An image of a mother standing with her back to the door as her son comes back, declaring, "Home from school, Ralphie?" But Ralphie, apparently a middle school age boy, is holding an AR-15 and a bible, and wearing a NRA button and a Ku Klux Klan hood.
Ben Sargent for the Texas Observer

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