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How Far Can Texas Democrats Take the Quorum Break?

House Democrats are intent on staying in D.C. until this session’s GOP voting bill is dead. Beyond that, it’s unclear.

It’s been 12 days since Texas House Democrats staged their dramatic quorum break to block the GOP’s election legislation, but it’s felt like an eternity....Read More

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Texas House Republicans Vote to Track Down Absent Democrats and Arrest Them If Necessary

The procedural move carries little apparent weight since the Democrats who fled the state to break quorum are beyond the jurisdiction of Texas law enforcement.

“Texas House Republicans vote to track down absent Democrats and arrest them if necessary” was first published by The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, no...Read More


Greg Abbott’s Summer Special Session Sideshow

The governor gives second life to the GOP’s elections crackdown, along with a smattering of other right-wing priorities that failed to pass in the spring.

Governor Greg Abbott’s 30-day special session, which he called after Texas Republicans failed to pass legislation that cracks down on state voting laws in May...Read More


Texans With Disabilities Fear Voting Will Get Harder for Them as Special Session on GOP Restrictions Nears

The extent to which Republicans’ proposed voting restrictions might affect voters of color has received much attention, but Texans with disabilities also face the prospect of new barriers to the ballot box.

“Texans with disabilities fear voting will get harder for them as special session on GOP restrictions nears” was first published by The Texas Tribun...Read More


Drawing Power

In a special session for redistricting, expect the GOP to use aggressive gerrymandering to extend the shelf life of its diminishing white base.

From the July/August 2021 issue  An especially atrocious Texas legislative session came to a close at the end of May. Republicans passed radical laws that ban ...Read More


Mentally Ill and Sentenced to Death

After 45 years, Texas’ longest-serving death row inmate was resentenced last week due to a long history of severe mental illness. But state lawmakers this session again declined to ban the death penalty for people like him.

This article was produced through the NPR NextGen/Texas Observer Print Scholars program, a new collaboration designed to offer mentorship and hands-on traini...Read More