Letters to the Observer



I have been doing outreach work with veterans for 25 years. I’ve read nearly everything since the day I met my husband, a Vietnam vet with PTSD. With my blog and the work I do, normally I’ll read the first couple of paragraphs, copy part of it, and pass on the link. Once in a while I come across a piece that draws me in. This was one of those times. (“The War Comes Home,” June 29) I do not say this lightly. I do this seven days a week and between 8 to 10 hours a day. There isn’t much I haven’t heard. I get e-mails from around the country and from a lot of other countries because of the videos I’ve done. Most of the time I end up getting to the point where I feel numbness approaching. Emily DePrang just made me cry. It is a great piece of writing. Thank you for printing it, but more thank you for bringing their lives into the open.

Kathie Costos Via e-mail


My sister Lourdes Cantu forwarded the article regarding the report of illegal aliens entering or passing thru Falfurrias (“They Die in Brooks County,” June 1). It was a very well written article with the information clearly described to the point that you can actually put yourself in it. Makes you feel as if you are there looking at the bodies of the poor people dying in the middle of nowhere. If only you could get the people to read this article in Mexico and tell them of the dangers that they will encounter while trekking north. Mexico does not really want to cure the problems they have because the millions of dollars that are being sent back to Mexico help their economy. Mexico is a very rich country in minerals and other natural resources but they still don’t care about the poor or needy people. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer…oh, wait…. that sounds more like what our country is headed to!

Lino Trevino Via e-mail


Jesse Bogan’s article “Slow Death, Slower Justice” (June 29) was well written. I really enjoyed his use of analogies and illustrative description. I have recently discovered the Observer, as I was turned on to your publication by a friend. You tell it like it is.

And honestly, give me more Jesse Bogan. Good stuff.

Brian Weepie Chicago, Illinois