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‘This is Our Home’

by Published on
Presnall Cage
Jen Reel
  • 1bimbo

    really good article

  • Cheryl Coronel

    Excellent article..,thanks for putting a very human face on this crisis. You know compassion and a little love will go so much further than troops and big bully tactics. I like the fact that these ranchers are providing water and real help. Just sad. Oh yeah, Houston is right over there

    • texasaggie

      Back in the 90’s I worked with a rancher near Uvalde who used to put empty plastic milk cartons near the watering points for his goats. He also put up signs asking people to be careful with his fences. In general, they reciprocated his generosity.

  • irrefudiate

    Maybe things will improve, by and by. Maybe Congress will write enforceable immigration laws one day. Let’s hope it’s soon. Reporting, such as Melissa’s, might help.

    • southtpa

      our laws are easily enforceable. with the federal data bases it would be very easy to reverse lookup E-verify and identify the criminals who have illegals on the books. off the books is just hunting. follow the on the books ones to the gathering areas and then follow the off the books one to the other employers. in two years we could have most of the illegals cleared out and have 8 million more Americans employed. think of how much better off our country would be.

  • southtpa

    7 to 9 thousand to get from central America to beyond the enforcement zone. plus the dangers involved kidnappers, heat stroke etc. compared to the 7 to 8 hundred to just get on a commercial airliner and fly to Ecuador no visa required so no border control. if your only thought was safety which would you choose? these illegals are criminals, they choose the US because it is more lucrative to be a criminal in the US that it is to be a criminal in Ecuador where they would still need papers to work legally. Ecuador is a pretty nice place since so many Americans are going there to retire