A cartoon of Texas with the words "Loon Star State" inside its outline. The "L" in "Loon" is wearing a hat that's part cowboy and part dunce cap.
Ben Sargent

Loon Star State: In Ken Paxton’s Bathroom

We don't want to know what he uses for toilet paper.


Ben Sargent, a bald, older white man with a bushy white beard is dressed in a suit and red bowtie, with his artistic tools, including pens, in front of him.

A version of this story ran in the September / October 2023 issue.

A cartoon image showing Ken Paxton in the Attorney General's private bathroom at the Texas legislature or similar governmenrt building. He whistles a cheerful tune as he dries his hands on shreds of paper labeled "The Law" as a substitute for paper towels from his bathroom's wall dispenser.
Ben Sargent/Texas Observer

Part of our coverage of the impeachment of Ken Paxton. To see more political cartoons from Ben Sargent, visit our Loon Star State section, or find Observer political reporting here.

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