Poll: Voters Disapprove of U.S. Rep Lamar Smith’s Climate Science ‘Bullying’

by | Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 8:00 CST
Smith is seeking re-election in a non-competitive district and the majority of voters surveyed still support his candidacy.
A dead piñon pine in Boot Canyon in Big Bend National Park. by

Feeling the Burn in Big Bend

An epic drought has scientists racing to predict the future of Big Bend's unique sky islands.

The 2011 drought that wiped out half the piñon pines in Big Bend’s sky island is a warning shot as the Southwest succumbs to climate change....Read More

The Big Brown power plant pictured above is one of seven coal plants at risk of shutting down in the next few years, according to the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen. by

Mine Games

With little more than a promise, the Texas Railroad Commission is trusting a struggling coal industry to pay for the cost of cleaning up old mines.

In mid-2014, Texas’ biggest utility, Energy Future Holdings, was about to file for bankruptcy, and Texas regulators suddenly had a big problem on their hands...Read More