How a Texas Author Learned to Love Cockroaches (and Other Tales of Off-Putting Creatures)

by | Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 7:31 CST
Clinton Crockett Peters’ fondness for unpopular species may well temper some of our deepest prejudices.
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‘BANG’ Offers a Dark Look at the Human Cost of Mexico’s Drug War

Daniel Peña is not sparing in his assessment of Texas, where farmworkers are poisoned by fertilizer and pesticide, and Mexico, where guessing who will be next to die in the drug wars has become a lottery game.

Daniel Peña’s debut novel reminds me of a bantamweight boxer. Lean and compact, it is packed with energy, ready to land blow after punch after jab on any rea...Read More


‘Alt-Right: Age of Rage’ Is a Thoughtful Ode to Anti-Fascism

At SXSW, a new documentary dissects the ideology of those who battle the alt-right with as much precision as it exposes the hate of Richard Spencer and his ilk.

It’s August 12, 2017. We’re in the immediate aftermath of the deadly far-right rally in Charlottesville. We see police lights, caution tape, smashed-up cars...Read More

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Boom and Bust in Big Spring

"The Kings of Big Spring" conveys the difficulties and deprivations stared down by the Depression era's 99 percent.

Profundity alert: when a book’s subtitle contains the word “American,” never mind the phrase “American Dream,” you know you’re dealing with an autho...Read More

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In ‘The Atomic Cafe,’ U.S. Cold War Propaganda Comes Out of the Bunkers for the Trump Era

Screening at SXSW on Saturday, the film's Cold War-era footage never feels distant — perhaps because both careless stewardship of the bomb and surreal official propaganda seem to be making a comeback.

When Jayne Loader was a child growing up in 1950s and ’60s Fort Worth, she lived across the street from E.O. “Soapy” Gillam, the “bomb shelter king of N...Read More