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What to do With a “Tidal Wave” of Texas Wind Turbine Blades

The wind energy industry is struggling to find sustainable solutions for fast-accumulating piles of dead wind turbine blades. So far, all the options come with an environmental price.

Towns the size of Sweetwater normally don’t need many graveyards. The rural community of about 11,000 people is located in the impossibly flat plains west of ...Read More


Fragile Species

Can bats survive in a human-engineered world?

Can bats survive in a human-engineered world? From the east, a fungal infection is moving cave by cave, leaving obliterated bat populations in its wake....Read More

wind energy The U.S. Supreme Court has temporarily blocked the federal government from implementing new clean power regulations, thanks to a lawsuit brought by Texas and 24 other states. by

Winds of Change

Scare-mongering claims about Texas' electric grid capacity haven't yet played out, despite record-setting winds.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says 'human ingenuity' will allow it to integrate record amounts of wind-generated energy into the grid....Read More