So Long, Bert

Brad Tyer

Houston artist Bert Long, Jr.
Houston artist Bert Long, Jr.

The Houston Chronicle has the news of artist Bert Long’s death today, at age 72, of pancreatic cancer.

Working in paint, sculpture, photography, and public space, Long was a Houston fixture whose influence suffused the state, and whose reach was international.

Houston PressKelly Klaasmeyer had a nice partially biographical piece on Long’s 2006 Museum of Fine Arts Houston show here.

At the time of Long’s death, Houston’s Menil Collection was planning to screen the film A Valentine for Bert Long on Feb. 14 at 7 p.m., and Houston Baptist University was set to open an exhibition of Long’s work on Feb. 28 at HBU’s Contemporary Art Gallery.

There will doubtless be further tributes and homages as word spreads that the state has lost one of its brightest lights.


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Observer contributor Brad Tyer is the editor of Montana Free Press, a nonprofit statewide news outlet in Helena, Montana.