This is a well-written story about the lack of a health care safety net (“Sick and Tired,” Sept.4). Please keep up the good work! The people need to know about these truths. Shame on those who would not agree to be interviewed! Bret Branon Posted at texasobserver.org

How fortunate I am, 69 and on Medicare. I pay about $100 a month for Medicare Part B and $25 a month for prescription coverage (Part D). I still have to pay a co-pay for a doctor visit and then many times I receive a bill for another fee that is for the doctor. My social security disability, at this time, allows me to pay my rent, utilities, groceries and co-pays for prescritions and healthcare. Not much left over. Many private doctors in Tarrant County do not accept Medicare patients, so, yes, I am a very fortunate person in our state. I disagree that Medicare is inefficient and ineffective. For me the costs are reasonably affordable and there is help for Medicare patients for whom the fees are out of their price-range. What will happen when the Dr. Walkes’ of this country are no longer able to continue their work? Sandra Drake Posted at texasobserver.org

That great American (at least by his own admission), Sean Hannity has said on-air that no one dies for lack of health care in this country. How do we get those know-it-alls to read this piece and understand that they are ignorant and that their ignorance hurts people? Nothing will change as long as they rule the air waves. Gene Bruce Posted at texasobserver.org


If this were any other business, the state and federal governments would be deeply concerned about the earthquakes in North Texas and would most likely oversee an objective analysis of the entire process of gas drilling to see if it’s at fault (“Boom Town,” Sept. 4). In all matters relating to the gas industry, we are second class citizens. It is always exactly the same story—until someone can absolutely prove that the gas industry is creating a nightmare for our safety, health and environment, you might as well forget about fair play. Fair play ends whenever gas drilling says so. Charlie Murphy Posted at texasobserver.org

There is a lot of old leaking oil and gas infrastructure polluting the shallow groundwater in South Texas. I wish people would spend some time and media focus on that. The municipal water supplies in many South Texas counties have all the components of injected oilfield brine. All these old saltwater disposal wells have corroded pipes, and that stuff is leaking into the water people drink today. I know people are concerned about potential contamination two miles underground, but what about the known contamination we have right now in the aquifers we are currently drinking from? Elizabeth Burns Posted at texasobserver.org


This is why we love—and miss—Ben Sargent (“Dancing with the Stars” illustration, Sept. 4). Thanks, TO, for giving him a new home. Carolene English Posted at texasobserver.org


Isn’t it amazing that when left-wing protesters disrupt “right-wing” meetings, it’s “free speech,” but when the opposite happens it’s “intimidation tactics organized by insurance companies?” (“Subduing the Mob,” Aug. 21.) Perhaps the writer should have talked to some of the folks attending the rally in favor of (U.S. Congressman Lloyd) Doggett. Dave Mundy Posted at texasobserver.org