Robert Leleux on Lawrence Wright


Brad Tyer

As Wright is quick to point out, theology doesn’t have to make sense; there are aspects of any religion that can’t survive logical scrutiny. But even by that tolerant standard, Scientology is apt to strain credulity.


Wright—Austin resident and staff writer for The New Yorker—displays touching generosity with the absurdities of faith, and carefully balances that reserve with a desire to expose Scientology’s culture of exploitation.

going_clear_book_cover_-_p_2013So says Observer contributor Robert Leleux in his new review of Wright’s Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief. READ THE WHOLE REVIEW HERE.

Meanwhile, The New York Times has weighed in on Wright’s book with a Scientology takedown masquerading as a book review.

And the Washington Post warns: “’Judge not that ye not be judged,’ Jesus said, but the case Wright builds calls for a jury…” READ THE WASHPO REVIEW HERE.

For a longer though no more dispassionate view, CHECK OUT THE UK GUARDIAN’S REVIEW, in which veteran critic David Thompson writes:

[Wright’s] book is admirably judicious and thoroughly researched (within the limits of secrecy or paranoia imposed by the church), but I often had the feeling that Wright himself was uncertain whether this was fit material for a sober book of non-fiction, or would he collapse in fits of helpless laughter and tears at the stuff he was obliged to report?