Election 2018: Races to Watch


The 2018 midterm elections could be among the most competitive in Texas in recent memory. When early voting starts on October 22, Texans will have their first chance to cast a vote for or against President Trump’s administration, for or against the Texas Legislature’s anti-immigrant “sanctuary cities” ban, for or against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, and more. We’ve keyed in on about two dozen congressional and state legislative races, many of which have Republican incumbents in districts that Clinton won in 2016. This page will be updated with new races to watch throughout early voting and into November 6.

Story stream:

Can a Conservative Democrat Win in the Heart of the Hill Country?

Joseph Kopser is trying to beat a Ted Cruz acolyte by running to the middle.

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Can Asian Voters Carry a Democrat to Congress in the Houston Suburbs?

Sri Kulkarni is running one of the most innovative campaigns in the country.

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Joan Huffman, Rita Lucido

To Chip Away at Dan Patrick’s Power, Dems Need a Crashing Blue Wave in SD 17

Democrats hope to flip Joan Huffman’s district.

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Special Interest Groups Bankroll Nearly Half of Konni Burton’s Senate Campaign

SD 10 has swung between both parties for years.

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Ken Paxton

Texas’ Indicted Attorney General is Barely Bothering to Campaign

This year, Ken Paxton is again running in absentia.

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John Bucy, Tony Dale

Can John Bucy Break the GOP Hold on Williamson County?

Hillary Clinton carried the district in 2016.

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Lupe Valdez’s Performance Against Greg Abbott May Test the Strength of the ‘Beto Effect’

The results will be data points to gauge the “Beto effect.”

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The Anti-Vaccine Lobby’s Revenge Candidate is Running in North Dallas

Ryan has said she supports the “sanctuary cities” ban.

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Republican Deanna Maria Metzger Hopes Hispanics Will Turn on Victoria Neave

But Neave has outraised Metzger.

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HD 105 is Gerrymandered but Diversifying. Will Republicans Eke Out Another Win?

Democrat Terry Meza is back again this year.

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Has Pete Sessions Marinated in D.C. Too Long for Texas Voters?

National Republican groups have mobilized to get Sessions emergency financial support.

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Why Don Huffines’ Destiny May Depend on Other Districts (and ‘Dragon Ball Z’)

Huffines is just a little bit off.

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Hays County’s Transformation Gives Democrats Hope in Hill Country House District

House District 45 encompasses all of Hays and Blanco counties, which have divergent political profiles.

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Will Sarah Davis’ Odd-Duck District Keep the Legislature’s Most Moderate Republican?

Davis is the most moderate Republican in the Texas House.

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Will Matt Rinaldi Pay for Calling ICE on Latino Protesters?

The North Texas Republican has made enemies during his time in the Freedom Caucus, including police unions and his GOP predecessor.

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