Protestors Swarm Capitol As House Fights Over Abortion Bill


Scenes from the Sunday night/Monday morning House fight over the omnibus abortion restriction bill, Senate Bill 5.
  • SB5-rotunda-Swartsell

    Abortion rights protesters ring the upper tiers of the Capitol rotunda. (Nick Swartsell)
  • SB5-outside-House-chamber-Swartsell

    Abortion rights protesters crowd the entry to the House chamber Sunday. (Nick Swartsell)
  • 20130623_Michels_TexasLegislature_037

    Republican women join Rep. Jodie Laubenberg as she defends Senate Bill 5 Sunday night. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130623_Michels_TexasLegislature_025

    The crowd waves its applause Sunday night as Rep. Jessica Farrar speaks against Senate Bill 5. (Patrick Michels)
  • SB5-rotunda-crowd_Swartsell

    Abortion rights activists in orange filled the floor of the Capitol rotunda Sunday afternoon before the House debated Senate Bill 5's strict abortion restrictions. (Nick Swartsell)
  • SB5-pro-life-tape-Swartsell

    Pro-life demonstrators, identifiable by the word "LIFE" written on the tape over their mouths, surrounded by abortion rights activists in Capitol hallways Sunday. (Nick Swartsell)
  • 20130623_Michels_TexasLegislature_008

    House Parliamentarian Chris Griesel talks House rules with lawmakers before the Senate Bill 5 debate Sunday afternoon. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130623_Michels_TexasLegislature_046

    Rep. Senfronia Thompson waves a coat hanger during Sunday night's discussion of Senate Bill 5, a warning about dangerous home abortions that will follow clinic closures. (Patrick Michels)
  • SB5-crowd-Swartsell

    Opponents of Senate Bill 5 pack the stairwell outside the House chamber Sunday. (Nick Swartsell)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_135

    Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, the House sponsor of Senate Bill 5, defends her bill as Rep. Jessica Farrar looks on. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_096

    Rep. Mary Gonzalez presents an amendment to Senate Bill 5, while the bill's sponsor, Rep. Jodie Laubenberg stands nearby. After midnight, Laubenberg stopped coming to the microphone to speak against amendments. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_063

    Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer prepares one of a few procedural attempts to block Senate Bill 5. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_111

    Rep. David Simpson beside one of many signs around House members' laptops with Bible verses, a show of support for Senate Bill 5. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_131

    House members pass the time early Monday morning before a vote on Senate Bill 5. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_133

    Reps. Jason Villalba, Tony Dale, Larry Gonzales and John Otto at their desks early Monday morning, while Democrats give final speeches against Senate Bill 5. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_140

    Rep. Jeff Leach applauds the House's early morning vote for Senate Bill 5, while Rep. Phil Stephenson looks up at the jeering crowd in the gallery. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_157

    Abortion rights supporters pack the stairs outside the House chamber early Monday morning as Rep. Dawnna Dukes speaks. (Patrick Michels)
  • 20130624_Michels_TexasLegislature_172

    Rep. Senfronia Thompson with Rep. Jessica Farrar, surrounded by a crowd of abortion rights supporters after the House's early morning vote on Senate Bill 5. (Patrick Michels)

Despite 12 hours of procedural delays by Democrats—and a gallery packed with opponents—the Texas House gave initial approval at 3:23 a.m. Monday to a strict anti-abortion bill. Earlier today, The House has passed SB 5 on a 95-34 vote. The question now is whether Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst will try to take up the bill today in the Senate. Read more in Carolyn Jones’ article “By Stifling Debate, Texas House Passes Strict Anti-Abortion Bill.”

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