Observer Podcast Episode 13: Can We Leave No Child Left Behind…Behind?

Visiting Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ohio, Jan. 8, 2002, President George W. Bush signs into law the No Child Left Behind Act. PHOTO SOURCE:

Earlier this month, the latest federal ratings for Texas schools were released. Texas didn’t do very well. More than 70 percent of Texas school districts didn’t measure up to the federal standards this year. The most interesting thing about this news? It really shouldn’t be news at all. At the very least, it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

In his recent piece “With No Child Left Behind, Failure Is the Only Option,” staff writer Patrick Michels explains that as we get closer to 2014 deadline for No Child Left Behind, failure is inevitable. The goal: every single student must earn passing rates in reading and math assesment tests and graduate high school.

All this and the potential perils of high-stakes testing in this episode of the Observer Podcast.

Mentioned in the show: Take a look at the graph we mentioned in the show which compares Texas schools’ passing rates with the ever-increasing standards in math and reading.


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