Hutchison Announces She’s Going to Announce



Dave Mann

Kay Bailey Hutchison wrapped up a press conference with reporters in Dallas a few minutes ago in which she announced that she would soon announce that she’s running for governor.

That wasn’t a major shocker.

After all, I watched streaming video of the event on a web site emblazoned with the slogan “Kay for Governor.”

(By the way, if you’re curious, she said she’ll make a formal announcement in August.)

Hutchison also announced that she had raised $6.7 million for her campaign in the first six months of 2009. That will be the day’s headline news. Her total eclipses Rick Perry’s $4.2 million haul.

The senator said she has more than $12 million in her campaign account, which would give her a $3 million edge over Perry.

Both candidates claim widespread support. Hutchison said she received donations from 231 of Texas’ 254 counties and that 98 percent of her contributions came from Texas.

The campaign finance reports won’t be posted for another few days — the filing deadline is July 15. So, at this point, we have to take the candidate’s word for it.

When the reports are made public, we’ll have a more detailed examination of who’s backing these two GOP heavies.

Hutchison disputed the results of recent polls showing Perry with a double-digit lead. She claimed her campaign’s internal polling had her out front. “I know I’m ahead,” she said.

So just to be clear: She’s not in the race yet, but she’s winning.

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Dave Mann is a former editor of the Observer.