GOP Chair: Thanks for Sharing!

Who is Steve Munisteri? Now we know—more than we wanted.


When Texas Republicans replaced an incumbent party chair for the first time in 40 years at their recent convention in Dallas, the winner was little-known Houston businessman Steve Munisteri. Which raised a question: Who the heck is Steve Munisteri? Aside from the fact that he’d founded Young Conservatives of Texas, and ran a spirited campaign to oust ultra-conservative Cathie Adams, reporters and delegates alike were stumped.

Not anymore. Frum Forum, the site helmed by former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum, noticed today that Munisteri had posted a biographical note on the Texas GOP’s website. And not just any biographical note. Munisteri, apparently sensitive to the general ignorance about him, shares a great deal of information that most party chairs wouldn’t think to offer the world.

We learn, among other nuggets, how Munisteri met his first wife—and then, alas, that “his marriage with Deanna ended while the couple was in their 30’s without the couple having any children, in part because of Deanna’s desire to relocate to the western part of the country which she has done. However, the couple still remains on good terms and still talk occasionally.” But never fear: There’s a new love in Munisteri’s life: Judy, who “currently teaches at a private Christian school in Houston, Texas, and lives in a home in the Heights.”

If nothing else, his bio reveals a very detail-oriented man. Munisteri informs us that he graduated high school 32nd in a class of about 600; tells us how long it took him to get his college degrees; reveals a business interest in a “fly ash benification technology startup”; and…well, really, you should do yourself a favor and read it.

But do it quick. Because something tells me it won’t be long before the site features a far duller, and far more appropriate, bio of Texas’ new Republican leader.