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Name Address City, State, Zip I I I I I I I Tel. No. Campaign Finance: The “Big Money” Listed below are the larger campaign contributions reported in 1988 by the speaker and selected committee chairs in the House. With the exception of Speaker Lewis, each of these representatives was opposed in the1988 elections. This report, drawn from PPIF member profiles, is based on reports filed with the Secretary of State’s office. \(Please note: To save space, city names have been abbreviate thus: As profiles are completed on the other committee chairs, PPIF hopes to publish excerpts of them in the Observer. The complete profile of each member includes biographical and background information, personal and campaign finances, a summary of legislative activity, a voting record for key issues, and a brief demographic profile of the member’s district. If you would like more information about PPIF, please , fill out and return the coupon printed below. GIB LEWIS, DFORT WORTH Speaker of the House Contributors of $2,000 or more: The Acme Fund Baker & Botts: Industries PAC: $4,000. Contributors of $2,000: Gulf Houston Contractors Assn. PAC; Allied Bancshares Leadership Funds Builders Assn. Big 50 PAC. Contributors of $1,500: Mr. & Mrs. Contributors of $1,000: Tx. licBank Corp. Fund for Effective For Information m :Complete & Return to: Sarah Searcy, Editor / PPIF I 1205 Nueces Austin, TX 78701 Shannon, Melly, Blinn, White & The Funds Available for Involved ReportGreater Houston Assn; Tx. Real Neal T. Jones, in-kind contribution, AL LUNA, DHOUSTON Chair of Science and Technology, which has jurisdiction over bills and resolutions relating to advances in science and technology, including telecommunications, electronic business technology, and automated data processing. Luna is also ViceChair of Ways and Means. Contributors of $2,500 or more: LIFT-IV \(Lawyers Involved for Tx., Greater Houston Assn. PAC:. $2500; $2,500; Bankers Leg. League of Tx. Communication Workers of America COPE-PCC Contributors of between $1,000 and $2,500: Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld Tx. Civic Action Cmte $1,250; Drive Political Fund $1500: JS State, County, & Municipal Employ$1,300; Texans for Better Transportation $1,400; Tx. Motor Transportation Assn., Houston chapter: $2,000. Contributors of $1,000: Hughes Houston Industries PAC; Inc. Dentists Assn. PAC I I I I I I I CA 20 MAY 5, 1989