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Whole Earth 4.1 Provision Company 1 Nature Discovery Gifts amaze, inform, delight Snide Review I object to Mr. King’s snide movie Yes, there is a place for “the chaste admiration of the naked female form.” But, in our society it is not acceptable to depict admired women in this manner. I can imagine the howls Mr. King would make if he reviewed a film presenting Eleanor Roosevelt or Coretta Scott King in the buff. I subscribe to the Texas Observer, in part, because I’m Roman Catholic. Strange? No, the. Gospels also speak of peace and justice, so do the far reaching social encyclicals of some of the popes and the great pastoral letter of the U.S. Bishops on the “Challenge of Peace.” I don’t expect Mr. King to embrace my religion. I will respect his beliefs and ask that he do the same for mine. Mary Roper San Antonio “Inaccuracies” Intended As a long-time reader of the Observer, I was disturbed at what I assume were unintended inaccuracies in your Jan. 10 editorial. In “A ‘Duarte-style’ Sales Pitch to Liberals,” the author stated that “As part of [his] courtship, Cruz spoke to liberal Democratic leaders in a couple of closed-door meetings sponsored by Vecinos. . . .” What the author implies were secret meetings were in reality open to anyone who wanted to attend. \(In fact, one of the gatherings Cruz spoke to was disrupted by a right-wing together at the last minute, the size and scope of the meetings we set up were rather limited. We did the best we could to contact as many people as possible, but our efforts were hampered by the spur-of-the-moment nature of the event. The author also implied that Vecinos was unwilling to sponsor a visit by a Sandinista official. To the contrary: twice in late 1984 Vecinos invited Nicaraguan Vice President Sergio Ramirez to speak in Texas. Due to visa complications, both events had to be cancelled at the last minute. Vecinos always has been and always will be committed to the principle of sponsoring dialogue and debate representing all points of view. Persons interested in learning more about our organization and the programs we sponsor can contact me at P.O. Box 4562, Austin, Texas 78765. Molly Dougherty Austin At the time of the visit by Arturo Cruz, Jr., we were informed by the Vecinos staff that the meetings with Cruz were by invitation only and off-the-record. The Observer was, then, invited to attend if we did not report on what was said. We chose not to do so. While the restrictions on public access may have been at Cruz’s request and not the desire of Vecinos, a meeting not open to the public is a closed meeting in our book. As for the Sandinista invitation we were informed that no Sandinista had appeared in Austin under Vecinos auspices, but we did not ask whether any had been invited and apologize for the implication that Vecinos would be “unwilling to sponsor” such a visit. The Editors. Subscribe to the Observer ..:. z., i-,-..\\,:. ,4…,,::i:..: r W\\ ‘ ‘. ‘40.114:1–,*t Vt .!’ it t Give it to a friend qt . . : \\ , ,..,…. -…-…–:-.-;. , … tt e–.9.. ……. Send the Observer to name address city state zip this subscription is for myself gift subscription; send card in my name $23 enclosed for a one-year subscription bill me for $23 price includes $1.12 sales tax . name address city state zip The Texas Observer 600 West 28th Austin, Texas 78705 DIALOGUE Choose from our business or family gifts of lasting value, for all ages, price ranges and any occasion. Call or stop by and let us make suggestions. 2410 San Antonio St. 4006 South Lamar Blvd. 8868 Research Blvd. THE TEXAS OBSERVER 7