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reached the age of sixty. No one has been indicted or convicted for the killing of Jim Koethe, but Cate even knows the motive for the killing. Same for the fire bombing of the Midlothian Mirror. The teenager \(he was fifact after three hours of police questioning. Soon after his release, he denied he did it. No one has been indicted or convicted for the fire bombing. Jim Koethe was working on a book on the assassination with two other writers. These two men left Texas about the time of Koethe’s death. Bill Hunter’s death was truly a strange accident. A policeman shot him from “a distance of more than three feet” according to the official report. One policeman changed his story, and the other said he had his back turned when the shot was fired. In instances such as these I think it is time for honest newsmen to become suspicious. We know the names of four persons who were saying Kennedy would be killed in Dallas before the assassination. The two women have paid with their lives. The two men have not been arrested. Three persons, at least, saw strange characters running from the scene of the assassination. Two witnesses who testified are dead. Guy Bogard, who took Oswald, or more likely someone impersonating Oswald, for a demonstration ride in an automobile, is dead. Dallas Police Capt. Frank Martin, who said under oath there was more to be told, died a few months after his testimony. Four men saw the escaping killer of Officer J. D. Tippit and did not think it was Oswald. One was knocked in the head by a policeman; one was shot through the head by an unknown assailant; the 24 The Texas Observer brother of another was murdered; the fourth is difficult to locate. It isn’t necessary to continue. There are twenty-four such deaths detailed in Forgive My Grief II which sells for 83. I realize I am guilty of trying to make money. I haven’t succeeded, but I am still trying. I am also guilty of urging everyone to read the Warren Commission testimony and exhibits so they might have a firsthand opinion of this national disgrace. Penn Jones, Jr., Box 70, Midlothian, Tex. 76065. Doctor Sanchez Replies I was amused, and then irritated, to read the comments about me by the Rev. Sherrill Smith in The Observer of October 13. He was referring to my remarks on the visit of Reies Tijerina and his recent visit to the Valley farm workers’ labor rally in Austin. Naturally, I concede to the Rev. Smith his right to disagree with my position, on this or any other subject. I have been disagreed with by far more informed experts, on many subjects, in my professional career of 44 years. The Rev. Smith is grossly uninformed as to my use of languagefor I understand and use both English and Spanish in many places other than “academic halls and carpeted conference rooms”as anyone familiar with my record well knows. From Alaska to Peru, from Boston to San Diego and to New Orleansto Chicago to Portland, from New York-Washington to Santa Fe and Austin, I’ve communicated with the poorlyas well as with the well-educated onesfor foundations, for U.S. publishers, for our own and foreign governments. No complaints. Academic halls indeed! Cloistered, no sir! As to the Rev. Smith’s implied aspersions on the significance of the GI Forum, PASO, LULAC, and the AFL-CIO in the civic life and in the betterment of the mexicano’s lot in Texas, all that I can say is, “Who else?” Certainly not the Knights of Columbus \(whom, as a former member, Finally, to keep it brief, I was born in the slums of Albuquerque; as a youngster, went through the underdogs’ battle in World War I; I was literally hungry many days during the Depression \(as a professional boxer, as a jazz player in a “combe the Rev. Smith should practice Christian charity, giving me the benefit of the doubt; or, in lieu thereof, do a little intelligent, simple research. George I. Sanchez, 2201 Scenic Dr., Austin, Tex. Plain Speaking What did Reies Tijerina say [at the Capitol rally on Labor Day] ? Tijerina said in ten minutes what [the Rev. James] Novarro said in 45 minutes. Why do traditional “liberals” fear succinctness and to-the-point clarity in a man’s statement of his beliefs? I am quite disappointed with Dr. George Sanchez, as I thought he was one person who would not give in. Mr. Tijerina is no longer an “unknow ing” agent of reaction; he no longer reacts to stimulus, but rather the movement he helped create is the stimulus. How unfortunate our “statesmen” are not able to see past their noses, and how quickly they side with the “established” when someone upsets their gringo friends! \(PS I write this in English, for the benefit Ignacio A. Perez, San Antonio, Tex. A Well for Dionisio We are about at the halfway mark, $300, in the “Well for Dionisio” fund drive. About 875 is directly traceable to Observer readers. We had hoped to deliver the equipment to Mr. Sanchez in late September, but owing to the unexpectedly slow rate of raising funds the delivery date is now uncertain.J. E. Jenkins, 500 First Savings Bldg., 711 Fannin St., Houston, Tex., 77002. Mr. Jenkins, moved by the story “Dionisio Sanchez Wants a Well,” in the July 21 Observer, has undertaken the raising of S500 or $600 to supply equipment necessary to furnish a reliable water supply for the people of Villa Ahumada, Chihuahua. Preserve the Guadalupe Our scenic Guadalupe River is one of only two rivers of our great big state of Texas that is included in the Scenic and Wild Rivers Bill, which has as its purpose the preserving of at least a few of the life-giving rivers of our nation in their natural state, as opposed to the concerted efforts to make them mud-banked ditches interspersed with dams. The bill is now in committee and we are informed by Rep. Richard White, the only Texan on the committee, that the Guadalupe is about to be deleted from the bill. Representative White needs our support to help keep this river in the bill. Our state legislature failed to include provisions for wild or natural rivers in the $75 million scenic areas and parks project. Write Representative White, Longworth House Office Bldg., Washington, D.C., 20525, and tell him that you want the scenic Guadalupe River of Texas kept in the bill for preservation in its natural state. Hazel C. Green, Box 136, Wimberley, Tex., 78676. Spare Those Who Outlive Us I congratulate you for.your article, “A Morbid Matter” [Obs., Sept. 29]. If each of us for just a few moments would push aside the childish “it won’t happen to me for a long time” attitude and make realistic, concrete plans for the disposition of his corpse, a great deal of needless emotional and financial pain could be spared those who outlive us. Your fine article may encourage many to take steps to do just that. Your article has one insignificant error. Although I was one of the founders, and am a past president, of the Austin Memorial and Burial Society, I am no longer connected with it.E. Wayne Thode, Professor of Law, the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84112.