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Michael Agresta, an Austin resident, has written for Slate, the Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal.

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His Pet Monsters

by | Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 1:45 pm CST
photography, david taylor

Houston Photo Exhibit Documents First Markers of Modern U.S.-Mexico Border

How strange, David Taylor’s camera seems to say, that this haphazard line has survived nearly 170 years as an international border, when so much else around it has changed.

Texans are accustomed to thinking of the U.S.-Mexico border as a fact of nature, defined by the course of the Rio Grande. It may make little sense to local communities, accustomed over untold generations to crossing and recrossing the river, … Read More

2017 in Review

Wall Flowers

Border art projects bloom in the shadow of Trump's wall.

"When I’m building spaces, they’re really to invite people in, oftentimes people who are excluded or don’t have access to more traditional art spaces.” Read More


Adiós Utopia, Hello Texas

The first major U.S. show since 1942 of Cuban art comes to Houston.

The landmark exhibit Adiós Utopia: Dreams and Deceptions in Cuban Art Since 1950 is at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH), from March 5 to May 21. Read More

Degrees of Separation at the Station Museum in Houston

Lives in Limbo

How activism, art and architecture are bringing the shadowy immigrant detention system into clearer view

“These are public institutions,” Lopez says. “It's taxpayer money. And it's immigration — a national issue. But it's not something that we're having the kind of access to, even just finding out how it's running and how it's working, that we should.” Read More

Jeff Nichols Film "Loving"
Culture, Film

In ‘Loving,’ a Valentine to Marriage Equality

Jeff Nichols' new film takes a quiet, deeply personal approach to telling a political story.

Jeff Nichols' new film about the couple behind Loving v. Virginia takes a quiet, deeply personal approach to telling a political story. Read More