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Christopher Hooks is a freelance journalist in Austin.

By Christopher Hooks:


Power Steering

by | Mon, Jul 9, 2018 at 2:56 pm CST

Dan Patrick, the Person, is Trying to Save the World from Dan Patrick, the Politician

When Patrick is presented with collective problems, his response is inevitably to respond in terms of individual action.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced last week that he would personally donate “up to 10” metal detectors to Santa Fe ISD, the school district where eight students and two teachers were killed by a mass shooter in May. As a … Read More


In a System that Encourages Corruption, Prison-Bound Senator Carlos Uresti was Inevitable

The state’s part-time Legislature and weak ethics laws allow corruption to flourish. Uresti was just stupid and brazen enough to get caught.

It’s one thing to be useless and honest, and another thing to be useful and crooked, but it’s another thing entirely to be useless and crooked. Useless and crooked: That’s how former state Senator Carlos Uresti ends his more than … Read More


The ‘Crazies’ Have Fully Taken Over the Texas GOP

At the state GOP convention, Dan Patrick said his side had “won.” He’s right.

At the Texas Republican Party Convention last week, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick did what so many conquerors ultimately do: He declared peace. The GOP civil war that has done so much to define political life in Texas during the last … Read More

Dan Patrick

Dan’s the Man, Now

Dan Patrick and Donald Trump can provide enough favors, and dish out enough pain, to easily secure the loyalty of people who care primarily about money.

Last summer, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick was neck deep in a dehumanizing and convoluted political brawl over the ability of transgender people to use the appropriate bathroom. It was the kind of thing that seems to give the former talk … Read More


Taking Stock of Texas Democrats After the 2018 Runoff Election

In what should be a pretty good year for the party, the situation doesn’t look rosy.

The life of a Texas Democrat is full to the brim with dramatic irony, but especially so in the last 18 years, since the good millennium gave way to the bad millennium. In the first decade of this century, Democrats … Read More

Greg Abbott

The Jade Helm Fiasco Says More About Texas Than it Does Russia

Even if Russia had nothing to do with Jade Helm, the episode is still evidence for the proposition that the American body politic is weak and easy to manipulate.

Today in Gregwatch, the Observer’s trademarked series for enthusiasts of Governor Abbott, we have a new fan theory to discuss. First flagged by the Texas Democratic Party, it comes courtesy of Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and NSA, … Read More


Texas Newspaper Readers Unite!

Simply by existing, journalism makes the incentives that guide government and culture marginally better, or at least that's the idea.

In March, the Austin American-Statesman announced that it was being sold by its corporate parent, Cox Media Group, to an ill-regarded New York company called GateHouse Media. Cox treated the Statesman poorly in recent years, laying off reporters and ensuring … Read More

Wendy Davis speaking

The All-or-Nothing ‘Turning Texas Blue’ Narrative Needs to Be Retired

After the Texas primaries, it’s worth asking if the phrase and its variations are warping how we think about Texas politics.

Is Texas going to turn blue in 2018? Will the Blue Wave rend us asunder? Will the state wake up on the morning of November 7 looking like Tobias Fünke? What is our ETA to TTB? When I was first … Read More