Christopher Hooks

Christopher Hooks is a freelance journalist in Austin.

Texas Politics

Bob Hall and the Conservative Persecution Complex

The feedback loop that protects conservatives from legitimate criticism is Bob Deuell's challenger's best friend.

What does hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes make you? A warrior, targeted by Obama himself, who'll return this country to fiscal sanity. Read More

Texas Politics

The Prodigal Paul Returns (To Texas)

Texas will be playing a critical role in the 2016 Republican Primary—and Rand Paul is laying his groundwork.

Rand Paul is beefing up his presidential campaign years in advance of the 2016 election. His activity in Texas foreshadow's the states growing importance to the GOP. Read More

Texas Politics

The Future of the Equal Pay Fight

The Davis campaign is doubling down on equal pay. Is it enough?

Democrats are rightfully cheered by the events of the last two weeks—but they'll need to build a lasting narrative about Greg Abbott to sustain momentum. Read More

Texas Politics

WTF Friday: Busy Bees

This week in WTF Friday: Women—what's the deal with them? Office unity. Is Bob Deuell's runoff challenger the future of the GOP? Or is it Sun Tzu. Read More