Christopher Hooks

Christopher Hooks is a freelance journalist in Austin.

By Christopher Hooks:

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz’s Do-Nothing Record

Cruz can’t help build the future because he’s focused solely on his present.

There’s one element of the Senate race in Texas that has gotten surprisingly little attention: Ted Cruz’s astonishingly thin legislative record. As his first term comes to a close, he might as well have not been in Congress at all. … Read More


The Soul-Crushing Emptiness of the Texas Governor’s Race

Greg Abbott was frustratingly vague and dodgy in the one and only gubernatorial debate, delivering the tacit message that he has little to do with the governance of the state.

The race for Texas governor this year is a deadening absurdity between two low-energy politicians with spotty records. An empty suit with a gargantuan checking account versus an empty campaign run by a candidate who is filling the slot for … Read More

evangelical, trump, jeffress

The Violence of Trump’s Words

How do we assess blame for the consequences of dehumanizing rhetoric?

From the start, the essence of Donald Trump’s political project has been the dehumanization of others. When he descended the gilded escalator at Trump Tower in June 2015 to kick off his presidential campaign, he famously told a national TV … Read More


Why is Texas’ Leading GOP Think Tank Suddenly All-In on an Anti-Wind Crusade?

The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s latest PR blitz is the kind of thing you’d expect to see from a seedy advocacy group, not a would-be policy braintrust.

If you were a newcomer trying to figure out how Texas politics works, a good start would be to look at the state’s two leading think tanks. The center-left Center for Public Policy Priorities, consigned to an office in North … Read More


Will Alex Jones Pay for Peddling Far-Right Sandy Hook Conspiracies?

The Austin judge presiding over two defamation cases against the InfoWars founder indicated there’s a solid chance Jones will have to go to trial — again.

Illustration/Sunny Sone Few people in our era would seem to have as unbalanced a karmic checkbook as Alex Jones, the loudest man in Texas. For years, long before “fake news” was a thing, Jones, who started his career as the … Read More